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Books make our life that needed zest, sometimes many of them lack. People who love to read, and impossible to convince that it is a waste of time. They get a boost of vitality from books that will not give you neither sport nor nightly walks or anything else. Books have become ingrained into our lives and with them are associated many interesting facts. With some we want you to meet. Studies show that 4-6 years is the best age to teach a child to read. After 6-7 years to learn to read more difficult. - Earlier in libraries books were chained to shelves. - On average, the buyer of the bookstore spends eight seconds looking at the front cover and 15 seconds scanning the back. - Half of all books sold today are bought by people older than 45 years. Studies conducted in the USA showed that children who learned to read by the third grade, are less likely to go to jail, to take drugs or not to finish school. It is assumed that the annual cost of illiteracy to business and taxpayers $ 20 billion in lost wages, lost revenue and reduced productivity.

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